Hall of Fame Inductees for 2016

Congratulations to our 2016 inductees:  Roger Stillman/Metric & Multistandard Components, Leslie Sieper,  Ron Jones/Star Stainless, and Sidney Cohen.

Roger Stillman  is a 45-year veteran to the Fastener Industry and currently serves as Operations Manager and ISO Management Representative for MMCC.

Leslie Sieper was the first female president for the MFDA, serving for three years as president.  Leslie has spent many years in the fastener industry.

Ron Jones has served many years in the fattener industry while working at Star Stainless Screw.  He has been and continues to be an advocate for the fastener industry.

Sidney Cohen was the first president of the MFDA.  The MFDA started, as he stated in a 1977 letter to Distributor’s Link Magazine “In 1963, a small group of distributors met for dinner to discuss the mutual problems in our business.  It was decided to form an association o unite the distributors in a common organization…14 years later, we have grown to a membership of 104 and have achieved many of the goals we originally anticipated.”